Fotogalerie ON STAGE

dt.Ballettwettbewerb 2024 Regional HH

"Cadence","resolute resonance","electric ladyland","undone","paint it black","Jackie","no need to argue","A Mimes Folly","cut to the funk"

dt.Ballettwettbewerb 2023 Regional HH

"Alien Hand Syndrome", "Frame of mind", "Sisterhood", "Departure", "My cage" , "Payaso" , "Struggle", "Thoughts"

Weihnachtsgala RSG Kieler TB 2022

"My Cage" & " Frame of mind"

dt.Ballettwettbewerb 2020 Regional HH

"Boundaries", "Forgiven", "Gone", "our story" ,"Requiem"

dt.Ballettwettbewerb Finale 2019 FFB


dt. Ballettwettbewerb 2019 Regional HH

"Movements"&"when you said goodbye"&"Pulse"

Weihnachtsgala RSG Kieler TB


"Don't let go" & "Movements"

09.06.2018 Ballet,Belle and the Beast

Schulaufführung Ballett in Kiel, Kieler Schloss
Fotos: Gordon Spandern

dt.Ballettwettbewerb 2018 Regional HH

"Growing up" & "Memento"

Russeer Frühjahrsshow 2017

"Never alone" & " Waltz of the hours- Coppélia"

Die Puppenfee, 2016, Kieler Schloss

Fotos: Luka Naujoks